About Us

Why Buddhappiness?

We might be seeking different things. But the goal behind all these things is the same. The goal is to find happiness.

2500 years ago, the Buddha found the way to be happy which doesn’t depend upon circumstances. He spent dozens of years teaching that way to the people around him.

Buddhappiness is an effort to bring his teachings to you through funny and light-hearted cartoons, designs and articles.

The Buddha never charged any money for his teachings. Keeping that tradition alive, we are offering all the designs and cartoons for free.

We hope you will enjoy the cartoons, designs and articles a lot. We also hope that they will add a lot to your happiness.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buddhappiness

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buddhappiness.now/

The Artist

My name is Alok Ranjan. I have been deeply interested in the Buddha’s teachings and have been practicing his meditation technique for many years. Coincidentally, my hometown is a city in India which is at a few hours’ drive from the place where the Buddha got enlightened.

I hope these cartoons, designs and articles will help you utilize the teachings of the Buddha to become happier and more peaceful.

I wish you good luck and loads of happiness.