How to use Buddhappiness

    All the designs and cartoons on Buddhappiness are freely available to everybody. You can get them printed on your favorite merchandise so that they keep reminding you of the principles of happiness.

    To get the high resolution picture (in JPEG format), please shoot a mail with the design numbers (They are written along with the title. For example, BH-03, BH-23 etc.) to our email id. We will send you the download links on mail. It’s so simple!

    Email id: [email protected]

    Now let’s see how the products will look if you get the cartoons and designs printed.

    Jubin is enjoying her coffee while the coffee mug’s message teaches her how to be in the present moment by watching her breath.
    Manika is planning her day, but she doesn’t forget that she has to be in the present moment.
    Ayushi is going to travel, but the message on her bag reminds her that she has to enjoy every step to truly enjoy the journey.
    To enjoy a beautiful relationship, Jayant has to be totally here with Shefali. And Shefali is learning how to slow down to enjoy every sip from the cup of life.
    Anant is having a good time. A good time is nothing but a good karma coming back to you.
    The coffee mug reminds that you need to take a real action to have real results.
    Karma comes back like a Boomerang. In a thoughtful moment, Diwas is pondering over the fact.
    This cup is teaching us how to enjoy the tea inside it.

    Now please visit the entire website to pick your favorite cartoons and designs so that you can get them printed on your favorite merchandise to get daily inspiration.

    We will also keep coming up with articles which explain how the principles of happiness taught by the Buddha work and how you can assimilate them in your life. I hope you will enjoy reading those articles too.

    You can click on the ‘CATEGORIES’ button on the right side of the website to choose your favorite genre.

    And if you wish, you can help the artist by donating a few bucks using the ‘Donate’ link given at the top of the website. It will help him run the website and come up with more designs.